Counseling and Therapy for Families and Children:
Encouraging Hopes and Dreams and Setting Goals

I provide therapy for children as young as toddlers, together with their parents. I work with many preschoolers and older children, who often come to me with an educational plan or a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. I carefully evaluate children, devising a treatment plan in consultation with their parents. I communicate closely with schools and other professionals (particularly in the area of a possible autism spectrum diagnosis, which should ideally be made by a team).

Parents are encouraged to dream and hope for their children. I have found that when children have special needs, and receive many specialized services, with all their attendant goals and objectives (important as these are) it is very important not to lose sight of a child and family’s own goals and dreams.

I work closely with parents. Whatever their child’s age, parents gain understanding of their child’s communication and expression, and come to understand and support their child’s behavior in new and positive ways. Adolescents as well as children are responsive to the richness of art materials and the freedom of the therapy setting. Thus I can offer services to a wide range of children and families.

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