Consultation and Training for Educators,
Clinicians and Parents:
Learning New Ways of Being with Children

Integrating arts therapy approaches into existing educational programs or treatment settings is a highly effective way for meeting children’s special needs. For one preschool, I developed a “making friends” program, for children who had great difficulty socializing. I met with these children in small, arts-based groups. Together with the teachers, I worked on bringing the social and emotional learning of the group into the classroom itself. I knew that this approach was working when one three year old participant announced that, “If you’re mad... you don’t have to hit someone!”

Throughout my work with schools, community agencies, and early childhood programs, my goals of consultation-coupled with careful observation- have been to help children feel included socially, supported emotionally, and to encourage and enable communication with peers and adults. Training for teachers, clinicians, and parents, supports this communication.

I offer training for clinicians, educators, and parents seeking to understand how they can learn from play and expressive therapies ways of being with children to better support children’s communication, learning, and relationships. This is distinct from training as an art or play therapist, but rather allows parents and professionals a new vocabulary for working and fresh possibilities for understanding children.

I also conduct specialized trainings and consultations around a site-specific or child-specific need. These specialized trainings have included integrating children with autism into the preschool classroom, helping children cope with trauma, and dealing positively with children’s anger.

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Jane Ferris Richardson is a board-certified art therapist and a licensed mental health counselor. She is a faculty member in the art therapy program at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. In her private practice she combines art, play, and expressive therapies in a developmental and integrative approach to work with children and families. She has presented her work with children on the autism spectrum nationally and internationally.


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